Introducing Konia Water Products

We strive for better understanding and continue to evolve our world-class products to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure people across the globe can have access to pure water innovation.

Water from air

WATER FROM AIR technology generating pure water directly from the surrounding natural environment. These atmospheric water generators use revolutionary and innovative 'new' technology to turn air to water; pure, clean and healthy drinking water. The air to water technology generates pure water free of any harmful chemicals and fluoride. The technology copies Mother Nature’s million year old water filtration system – evaporation and condensation.

These generators converts moisture (humidity) in the air to water by drawing the surrounding air through an electrostatic carbon air filter where it is cleaned before being condensed into pure water. This water is then passed through the water filtration system to provide pure, fresh water direct from your own home or office water coolers.  

Mains Connected products that purify your water at the point of use and provide you with an almost unlimited supply of pure drinking water.  

Your Konia Mains-connected water dispensers are design-engineered and styled for today’s modern office and home environments. The systems provide a complete eco-friendly replacement for bottled water dispensers, eliminating bulky deliveries and the need to store and dispose of water containers.

Once connected to your mains water supply, water is purified through a series of specially designed dispensers to supply filtered water served hot or cold. You can even add the PI (π) – Water filter for an even healthier solution. For convenience you can easily install an on tap water filter or choose from our series of mains connected water coolers.

PI (π) Mineral Water  technology to revitalize your water and enhance your lifestyle. Konia’s
 PI (π) – Water activates purified water turning it into ‘living water’ by adding calcium, regulating natural minerals and stabilizing the pH levels.

The health benefits of PI (π) - Water have been researched since the mid- 1960's when Japanese scientists first discovered ‘living water’ contained in plants. Later research noted that PI (π) - Water played an important role in the healthy growth of plants and animals.

PI (π) – Water filters are easy to install and manufactured to work with Konia’s Water from Air water purifying generators and mains connected water systems.

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